St. Stephen with St. Julian welcomes you

Welcome to the parish of St. Stephen with St. Julian in St. Albans. We hope this website will give you an introduction to both churches and to the parish. We hope you will join us in worship and in some of the many activities when this becomes possible. We look forward to getting to know you.

Coronavirus outbreak

St Stephen’s Church is locked. We have been told to keep the Church locked to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
The clergy will continue to record or live stream services which you can see on the SERVICES page (which you can also get to by using the SERVICES tab, towards the top of the page on the left). This will be updated regularly.
If you find one of the links doesn’t work, it may be because the service has been recorded to start at a specific time. The message is something like ‘Video unavailable: this video is private’. If that happens, try it at the time it starts.
All events including the Lunch Club, Community Cafe, Tots & Teas and Choc Stop will not operate until further notice. Tots & Teddies has also stopped for the time being.

The current pattern of live streamed services is:
Sunday 10am service
Monday 9pm Night Prayer
Tuesday 9:15am Morning Prayer
Wednesday 12 noon Midweek Communion service
Wednesday 9pm Night Prayer.
Thursday 9:15am Morning Prayer.
Friday 9pm Night Prayer.
Saturday 9:15am Morning Prayer.
Links to all of these are on the SERVICES page (which you can also get to by using the SERVICES tab, towards the top of the page on the left). This will be updated regularly.

Links to services in Holy Week are as follows.


Monday 6 April 7:30pm Meditation and Compline is here
Tuesday 7 April 9:15 Morning Prayer is here
Tuesday 7 April 7:30pm Meditation and Compline is here
Wednesday 8 April 12 noon Eucharist is here
Wednesday 8 April 7:30pm Meditation and Compline is here
Thursday 9 April (Maundy Thursday) 9:15 Morning Prayer is here
Thursday 9 April 7:30pm Maundy Eucharist is here
Thursday 9 April 9:30pm Maundy Watch is here
Friday 10 April 12 noon – Good Friday opening is here
Friday 10 April 2:45pm – Good Friday conclusion is here
Sunday 12 April 6am – Easter Dawn Service is here
Sunday 12 April 10am – Easter Eucharist is here

You might like to know

* Recordings and other information is also available on our parish facebook page.
* The latest Notice Sheet and ‘Together in Prayer’ are being uploaded here regularly: you can find them on the SERVICES page (which you can also get to by using the SERVICES tab, towards the top of the page on the left).
* If you need help or support please contact Rev’d Becky Leach, [email protected] or 01727 862598.

* You might like to make a Palm Cross for Palm Sunday. Instructions here. Otherwise, do have any other cross ready as you watch the service as there is a blessing of the crosses in it. The service on Palm Sunday is on YouTube and there is a link for it above. It will have all the liturgy on it, and if you wish you can access this material from the section immediately above.

* You may find Worship at home during the week useful.
* We are supporting NHS workers (and other essential workers) by applauding at 8pm every Thursday.
* We are also supporting the idea of putting pictures of rainbows and teddy bears in our windows. Small children being taken for exercise and fresh air like to go bear-spotting! A bear and a rainbow are on display at St Julian’s.
* Sunday 22 March – we joined the Day of Prayer and action to pray for those who are sick and anxious, and all involved in our Health Service. People also put lighted candles in their windows at 7pm as a sign of solidarity and hope in the light of Christ that can never be extinguished.
There are stories aimed at our pre-school Tots & Teddies group on the Children Welcome page: this may help entertain your children too.
There is a video on self-isolation which you may find helpful.

You may also find these resources useful
You could make an Icon. In these strange times we are living in, try a bit of adult art! Many of you will cry ‘I’m useless at art’ and some of you may be fully occupied juggling the demands of work and children and the like. It’s just an idea, not compulsory but it might be something to try rather than just watching endless news bulletins. A guide sheet on icons is here. Now, icon art is not so much about art but about prayer and it might be a helpful process to think of people you are grateful for in your life, rather than someone who is formally recognised as an actual saint.
One contemporary icon of St Alban just started with a bit of cardboard box. Another has been started with Mary (sister of Martha and Lazarus) on a bit of cardboard. Having something creative on the go – the act of doing it – is very therapeutic. If we had a few, we could do a little display when we do make it back inside our churches. Have a think, have a go….even with a biro on the back of an old envelope. Even if it’s like one a friend saw on a wall somewhere of a saintly person washing the dishes!

#LiveLent: Care for God’s Creation – the Church of England’s Lent campaign for 2020. With weekly themes shaped around the first Genesis account of creation, it explores the urgent need for humans to value and protect the abundance God has created. This daily audio content is available using the app and daily emails. Sign up for free.
· The BBC’s Daily Service and Sunday Worship – radio programmes will be using some of the themes from #LiveLent as part of their broadcasts.
· Prayer for the day – each day the Church of England publishes audio and text of the Prayer for the Day.
· Smart speakers – daily prayer and #LiveLent audio content can be accessed using the Church of England’s Smart Speaker apps.

This information is correct at 4 April 2020 and will be kept updated.

St. Stephen’s Church,
Watling Street AL1 2PT

Situated on the junction of St. Stephens Hill and Watling Street, St. Stephen’s is a lively and friendly church.

A brief history

St. Stephen’s is a beautiful old parish church, founded in 948 A.D. The Anglo Saxon building was small, probably divided into two rooms and without a tower. Little remains of this building, but the small window, deep set in rough masonry, just by the door to the Parish Centre has been dated to around 950 A.D. The building today is largely medieval, but it was sympathetically restored from a near ruinous condition in the 1860s. The spire, replacing a “Hertfordshire spike” on the tower, dates from this time. The pews and ornamental woodwork are Victorian, and the attractive pulpit and canopy date from 1936. The eagle lectern is a copy of a much earlier famous one which until recently stood in its place. There is a leaflet in the church giving details of the history of the early much travelled and plundered lectern.
There is more on the history page.


The ancient building has seen many changes in worship styles over the centuries and today the peaceful ambience, sense of history and continuity still inspire people to worship, as they have done for many centuries.

A warm, tranquil and welcoming atmosphere is immediately apparent, even as the church resounds to today’s modern worship.
Attached to the church are hall, kitchen and meeting room, all well used by a variety of church and community groups.
The Church aims to cater for the spiritual needs of all ages from babes in arms to senior citizens. More details about what we do can be found on this site – in particular, on the Service Times and News & Events pages. The Church is open every weekday during the daytime – do drop in.
Buses 321, 621, 724 and S8 stop near the Church: the SMS code for the bus stop is hrtatwpt. There is a car park at the Church.

St. Julian’s Church,
3 Abbot’s Avenue AL1 2HY

In the heart of Cottonmill Estate in Sopwell , St. Julian’s Church provides a friendly and modern space for worship.

A brief history

St. Julian’s started life in 1952, initially in a wartime Nissen hut which had stood in fields as part of an anti-aircraft searchlight emplacement. It was founded to serve the large Cottonmill housing development then going up around it. The name relates to a former leper hospital which once stood near St. Stephen’s. The present building dates from 1956, and was partly paid for by individual community subscriptions of 6d (just over 2p).


The church was built as a daughter church, to be the responsibility of St. Stephen’s. In practice, however, St. Julian’s largely runs its own affairs.

The dual-purpose building allows either church or hall to “expand” as necessary for a particular event. It provides a well-equipped focal point for the spiritual and secular needs of the community. A highlight is the group of figures over the altar, created by Siegfried Pietsch (who worked with the Faith Craft organisation, based at one time in the Abbey Mill in St. Albans).

An extension project, completed in the Spring of 2010 and formally opened by Bishop Alan, made the building even more user-friendly.

The clergy at both churches share duties throughout the parish, work closely together and run many joint activities. The Church aims to cater for the spiritual needs of all ages from babes in arms to senior citizens. More details about what we do can be found on this site – in particular, on the Service Times and News & Events pages.
Buses on route S4 from the City Centre (St. Peter’s Street) stop at the Church: the SMS code for the bus stop is hrtawpta. St. Julian’s has a car park.

The Church is open most Thursdays between 9am and 4pm (2pm, second Thursday of each month) – do drop in.

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